WE make SERIOUS contributions to the GREEN sector.

OUR aim is to become an environmentally conscious industry leader in the clean air sector. WE WILL enable all our Clients achieve optimum regulatory-compliance, maximize operating efficiency and promote their reputation as a GREEN company.


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WE specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of a superior filter for the Institutional & Commercial Sectors exhaust systems. The list includes restaurants, hotels, hospitals, universities, churches, military camps, detention centers etc.

OUR filter’s proprietary High Efficiency Mist Collector (HEMC) technology & unsurpassed performance and flame retention feature separates US from the rest.

OUR filter offers a truly GREEN technology and clearly supports an extensive market potential for our Products & Services.

KEY benefits include energy savings and notable cost reductions related to the ongoing mandatory preventative maintenance service cycles required under fire prevention & health safety applicable laws and regulations.

OUR future value proposition should include Insurance premium reductions as a result of the increased fire safety.

WE intend to partner with Insurance Companies that are willing to offer premium reductions and past them onto all OUR CLIENTS.

OUR timing is absolutely perfect. Concern for a clean and sustainable environment is at the forefront of Governments, Commercial Institutions & Consumers alike.

OUR primary focus on year 1 is the US Market due to its size and ideal cooking methods. WE intend to expand into Canada, Mexico and beyond in year 2.

Additional applications in the Odour Abatement and the Make Up Air Recirculation sector will be developed in the
2nd quarter of year 2 and completed on year 3 from the US operations launch date.


OUR TEAM is made up of well diversified and accomplished individuals with extensive end to end manufacturing and distribution knowledge in addition to an ongoing commitment for optimum customer service.

Andreas Roussos-CEO/ Interim COO

ANDREAS PIC SMLAndreas, has over 30 years of corporate management, business development experience. He has an extensive international cross sector business network and sufficient knowledge of the capital markets. He is very experienced in early stage, planning, implementation, operations and roll outs.
Andreas is well disciplined & mission accomplished oriented. He is a team player with exceptional organization and leadership skills. His experience in upper management and extensive target industry knowledge will greatly support the Ecoventz drive forward.

Andreas past accomplishments include the elevation of 2 small regional businesses to national status.


Tim Trotier MBA 

Tim Trottier Picture
Tim is an empowering leader who strongly invests in employee interactions. He has an exceptional track record of responsive team leadership, and initiating strategic partnerships. Tim is a creative and analytical thinker with the ability to take charge and “hit the mark”. He brings strong leadership and extensive in depth experience across numerous market sectors.  Tim graduated at the top of his class with a Master of Business Administration and is a lifelong learner.

Tim has founded and divested two private companies as well as led a turnaround in the distribution business taking sales from $9.8M to $24M. He was instrumental in launching two public companies; one in the ethnic food business and the other in consumer electronics.

David L. Miller

David is a sales and business development professional. He has a keen interest in bringing innovative products and services to market. David’s primary focus and priorities are directed at the value added proposition and the highlights of the mutual benefit in every interaction. David helped a Canadian nutritional supplements retailer introduce a new product in a new category. His efforts led to an industry award-winning recognition and for reaching sales of $7M within 2 years.

More recently, David worked with a global Fortune 300 information management company in the US to transition a post-merger field sales strategy from transaction-oriented and product-centered to a services-led long term information management partnership approach.

David is also a believer in strong community building. As such in his spare time he volunteers as a personal coach to non-profit organizations.

Jeffrey Foster
JEFF FOSTER PIC SMLJeff is an NDE (non destructive examination) expert in all methods of metal fabrication parts and components. He holds CGSB certifications in liquid penetrant & magnetic particle testing, in ultrasonic (Level III) and in helium and halogen leak testing. He also served as special assignment instructor in non destructive examination at the Mohawk College campus of Applied Arts & Technology.

Jeff’s, list of Clients includes some of largest multinationals and in some cases the largest in their fields. Jeff has a keen interest to ensure that the highest applicable national and international standards are met in all his endeavors. He has also provided in house training to all his Clients and has regularly contributed articles to the “Maintenance Newsletter”.  Jeff adds extraordinary value to our team moving forward.  He will assist with new applications development provide invaluable input for obtaining optimum quality controls and the highest industry standards.

Frank Carnevale
FrankFrank has been President and CEO of a boutique consulting firm focused on energy and infrastructure solutions since 1998.

Recently, he served as COO of a publicly-traded diversified investment company focused on impact investing in sustainability. He helped turn around a mechanical contracting/building controls company and a leading thermal design build company. Previously, he served on Boards of Directors of the Ontario Energy Association and Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI).

Frank is a York University graduate with a BA in Political Science.

Mario L. Castellanos

Mario L Castellanos is based in Florida, USA, and has over thirty five years of experience as a founder and turn-around specialist for companies and non-profit organizations in several technology and non-tech sectors including AI, Gamification Technology, Broadcasting/Media, Telecommunications, Security Systems, Energy, Sports, Employee Empowerment, and others.

As President and Owner of New Ventures Technologies, a business services and business processes hands-on consulting company, he specializes in project management, change management, business analysis, training, operations, sales, marketing and business development. In addition, Mario is a current advisor for three investment advisory and start-up investment firms.


WE intend to make a serious contribution in the GREEN sector.  OUR aim is to become an environmentally conscious industry leader in the clean air sector. Enable all our Clients achieve optimum regulatory-compliance and improve operating efficiencies, and promote their reputation as a GREEN company.

Become a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-efficiency, eco-friendly, sustainable air filtration systems for the removal of liquid air contaminants.

Adhering to sustainable eco friendly solutions throughout our organization and providing all our clients with unsurpassed customer service excellence and addressing all their kitchen exhaust mandatory maintenance challenges.

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THE HEMC FILTER collects 95% of all airborne mist particulate of .3 microns and larger passing through it in single stage mode. It features a collection system by which the cooking grease is collected and directed to a container and added to the yellow grease destined for use in biofuel. The HEMC FILTER is gravity self-draining, and can be easily separated in to two sections for inspection and cleaning if required.


THE RETRO-PM plan features the replacement of the existing kitchen hood filters with the HEMC and the beginning of a 5 Year Preventive Maintenance contract. The Retro-PM is offered at 30% discount or  greater than the Client’s present costs.

OUR PM Service plan is compliant with the NFPA-Standard 96, Fire Inspectors, Health Departments, Insurance and all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws and Regulations.


WE INTEND to promote additional apps in year 2 from our US launch as per details below.



ARIS features the scrubbing of a high percentage of the air being exhausted outdoors. The clean air is re introduced to the point of use indoors. The temperature between the exhausted and re introduced clean air will be fractional as comparison to the ambient outdoor temperature in comparison the indoor environment. This will translate to large savings as opposed to the traditional HVAC Make Air used presently.

ARIS Applications
Institutional & Commercial Cooking – (hotels, hospitals, restaurants etc.)
Close Loop HVAC Systems such as Livestock, Greenhouses, etc.
Same can be used in certain Industrial Applications.


THE addition of a Wet Spray Module to our Filter allows the separation of dry and gaseous contaminants.

These systems can be applied in the following instances:

  • Industrial dry machining processes
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Dry smoke collection
  • Coffee roasting
  • Live stock processing to filter dust, dander, fur or feathers
  • Composting
  • Dust collection
  • Grain processing

*Grain dust is highly volatile and poses high risks of explosions. A grain dust volume in the 3%to 4% of the amount being processed is produced due to friction during the uploading/offloading process. Presently it is collected and converted into fuel pellets using a steam/pressure combo method and is used for power production. Our mist scrubbing process eliminates the need for steam generation hence higher energy savings. The grain dust wet particulate can be injected directly into bio-digesters. This risk of fires is eliminated because our motors are operating downstream from the mist collectors so sparks are kept away at safe distance.


LEGEND has it that “a picture tells a thousand words”.  Follow this link to see first hand what clearly separates ECOVENTZ from the rest. OUR customers deserve nothing but the best.


Operational Cost Reductions- OUR Clients, in most cases by simply participating in our Retro-PM service plan will be rewarded with 5 years of inflation free service. Also, in most cases it will translate for up to 2 years of free service in comparison to their present costs.  WE plan to get insurance companies on board that would offer lower premium to all OUR Clients, and this will be an added bonus.

Eco Friendly Green Label – WE intend to join eco friendly associations and publications to advertise and promote our eco friendly solution.  OUR Clients will be allowed to display our logo on their Websites and also on their premises to allow them to demonstrate their eco friendly policies.


OUR Service TEAMS are made up of Highly Trained, Industry Certified & Insured individuals that strive for Optimum Service Standards. THEY are very Friendly, Flexible & Accommodating. THEIR top priority is to provide a trouble free service experience for all OUR CLIENT’S.

OUR Commitment to continuous service improvements will include an online Learning Library. The Learning Library will include all present and future industry service standards and information provided by OUR Service team based on new field findings. ALL OUR Service Team Members are required to visit the Learning Library quarterly and need to pass a test before they exit. Additionally, we will circulate knowledge base info memos and new findings in our weekly broadcasts to our Team Members.


WE ARE looking for Area Exclusive Licensees. Our Areas are based on the North American   MAFSI* demographics which divide the US in 25 territories, exclusive of Canada.

THE LICENSEE applicants must be highly motivated individuals interested to participate in our US expansion plans and operate as independent contractors under our corporate banners and logos. Industry experience is an asset and spot free track record is a prerequisite. WE also welcome newcomers who will be willing to undergo rigorous training and certification process. All industry related regulatory compliance and bonding are also pre requisites.

* MAFSI (Manufacture’s Agents Association for the Food-service Industry)

FOR further information see contact us:


412 N Main St.  STE 100
Buffalo, WY 82834

Phone:   702 347 3544

14 Abacus Rd.
Brampton, ON
Canada L6T 5B7

Can: 647 933 6492

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